Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Click here to see pictures from my weekend trip to Manuel Antonio...one of Costa Rica's beautiful beaches on the Pacific

Sunday, June 03, 2007

El Volcán Arenal

This weekend our group went on an excursion to The Fortuna Waterfall and a volcano named Arenal. We had an amazing time! Becky and I already have plans to come back sometime.

we took a dip in there too. it was cold!

this is what we saw when we pulled up to the hotel:

here's the view from our hotel room (don't be jealous now...)

The next day (Sunday) we went on a hike to get closer to the volcano-- as close as you can safely go, anyway.

¡Monos! (monkeys)... not in a zoo

Look closely... there are little ants carrying leaves :)

a flower that only lives for a day... ¡qué triste!

our tour guide told us about some of the medicinal plants in the rain forest


here's a video of the volcano spewing! if we were close enough it would look more like lava...

amazing view!

Tori, Tristan, Cassie, me & Becky eating lunch at the "Lava Lounge" after a long weekend