Monday, May 15, 2006

Let's see, what is Anna up to these days...

One month till I pack up and leave. Wow. One month ago I was in Rome.

Wednesday, May 17,
will mark the 100th day of living in the UK! It's also exactly one month from the day I leave.

Now, to the answer of the question 'Are you looking forward to going home?' to that I would answer a hearty 'yes'. Lately I've been really itching to go home. Just some of the things that have been wearing on me about being here are wearing some more. There are people here I will miss a lot. There are things about life here that will never be the same for me again. But home is home, and that's all there is to it.

This past weekend I travelled to Tonbridge to visit my family again. My cousin Susanna & her baby are going to America today to visit my grandma and my family in MI & OH, and she is kindly bringing some of my things back with her. Which is a huge help, because I don't think I would have been able to get it all back without having to ship boxes home!

So I got to spend some time with them, see my adorable little cousin who is getting so big! :)

The downside of the weekend was that it took me 6 hours to get back to Cheltenham. Normally it should only take 4; I have to take a train into London, take the tube into Paddington station and then another train back to Cheltenham. But apparently the train had a broken window, and so it was delayed 45 minutes while they replaced it. No big deal...
Then, we stopped at Reading, which we originally weren't supposed to stop at... and then the train manager announces that we will be stuck there for a while because there's been an accident up ahead, possibly a fatality, and that the railway in this area has been blocked off and we will be stopped at Reading for an indefinite length of time. ugh.
okay. whatever. so I go back to reading Washington Square.

More announcements follow, saying that there was indeed a fatality and someone was hit by a train. there have been buses provided for those customers whom are travelling to Swindon. (that doesn't help me at all). And he says that if anyone wants to go back to Paddington and continue their journey tomorrow they can do that.

still doesn't help me. might as well just stay on. but at this point I'm starting to wonder how long it's really going to take...

an hour...

hour & 1/2....

and we start moving, but he says he's not sure if we'll get stopped again or if we're just moving to make room for other trains that have been queuing up behind us.

ok, so I haven't mentioned that, while we were stopped at Reading, a group of four young blokes have joined us.

So we start moving and he starts complaining... not seriously, the kind of complaining like, "I'm just complaining sarcastically to get attention"

He says, 'Why couldn't the person get hit by a train tomorrow or yesterday, instead of the day I'm on the train' and his friends chuckle.

and then the woman behind me is talking on her mobile,
'why does this f-ing always happen to me when I travel...'

and there's a kid across from the loud kid talking with his girlfriend about how it's the end of the world.... you get the idea.

a bit later the loud kid starts up again, saying how he wants his money back and blah blah blah... I paid £20 and it's taking me this long... blah blah...

I'm fuming. Not only because I can't sleep and I can't read, but because I don't understand. A PERSON got hit by a train and DIED. get over it, people. your life will go on. unless, of course, the wrath of God strikes. (and I wouldn't blame him for that)

I got back to Cheltenham 2 hours later than I planned. Just like everyone else on the train.
And I was up for a couple hours later before turning in for the night. I was exhausted... no Sunday afternoon nap. I know, tragic.
Thus, I overslept my alarm this morning and missed my 10:15 Psych lecture. oops. (now for all of you who say, 'Anna? oversleep? naw...' I'll have you know that this is the only time I've overslept for something since I first got here... when I slept 15 hrs the first night. so there.)

In other news, I didn't get to meet up with my roommate last week :(
we just couldn't get in touch and it didn't work out. But they sang at St. Paul's Cathedral! (where Princess Di & Charles were married; Winston churchill's funeral, etc)

Tomorrow I leave for Scotland! Another 6-hr journey, up to Edinburgh. But thankfully it's a direct train so I won't be standing around any stations waiting for delayed trains this time. I'll be staying with Gretchen for 2 nights, and I come back on Thursday night. Friday my playwriting script needs to be done.... oh dear.

Lately I've been looking into Eurostar tickets to Paris. We'll see what happens...


At Mon May 15, 09:34:00 PM GMT-6, Anonymous Mom said...

Pobrecita! What a cute picture of Belko. It won't be long before we see him and his Mum. Have fun in Scotland!

At Wed May 17, 08:43:00 PM GMT-6, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna, I miss you so much and can't wait til your home. Too bad you will miss graduation and my open house but at least you will be home. Enjoy your last month! I'll be thinking of you! Leshi


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