Friday, June 02, 2006

you can tell you're an American-who's-been-living-in-Britain-awhile when...

  1. hearing the word 'America' means a lot of different things than it used to.
  2. you stop doing exchange rate... oh, long ago.
  3. you think in £
  4. you look right first, then left when crossing the street.
  5. you just expect to get hit by a car.
  6. roundabouts are a way of life.
  7. you call it football, because that's what it is.
  8. you're in better shape from walking so much, and probably eating healthier, too.
  9. you've almost forgotten what junk food is.
  10. your ears perk when you hear an unfamiliar American voice.
  11. you don't feel like everyone is trying to sell you something.
  12. you get late-night fast food cravings... and you know there's nothing you can do about it. then they start to go away.
  13. Hershey's chocolate will never taste the same, thanks to Cadbury.
  14. but you miss Reese's!
  15. you get used to the funny keyboards in the computer lab.
  16. London doesn't seem like such a big deal after all (well, at least not as much of a big deal).
  17. you actually miss Ramen (or your friends do).
  18. you begin to identify things that are distinctly American.
  19. the words 'traveling', 'color', 'favorite' and 'organize' look funny.
  20. you start adding u's to words that don't have them... even in British English
  21. you can say "cheers" to the bus driver... and it's okay :)
  22. you say "sorry" instead of "excuse me" when you bump into people.
  23. you call it a 'cash machine' instead of an 'ATM' and a 'toilet' instead of 'bathroom'.
  24. you stop noticing British accents, in fact you can even distinguish one British accent from another.
  25. you can pick out tourists, or Americans (or American tourists) just by looking at them.
  26. You are embarassed by the American tourists (and roll your eyes when they say Birmingham when talking to Brits...ugh.)
  27. you realise that you CAN survive without your cell phone.
  28. you know your umbrella at a personal level.
  29. you stop checking the weather forecast because you know it will rain at some point in the day.
  30. you enjoy the luxury of clean and efficient public transportation.
  31. when people ask you what America is like, you actually have to think about it.
  32. you know what 'top up', 'mind the gap', 'you alright?', 'zed' and 'quid' mean.
  33. you are the proud holder of a Tesco Clubcard, and maybe even a Matalan card.
  34. you know what cider really is.
  35. you know blackcurrant.
  36. you understand, maybe even agree, when they say, "America has no history."
  37. you're under 21, and it's funny to think that drinking alcohol is illegal.
  38. you know what the locals think of Tony Blair, and you kind of (kind of) understand the political cartoons in the newspaper.
  39. seeing a tall man is a rare and notable occurrence-- he must be a foreigner.
  40. you see travel adverts for vacations in New York and you think, 'Who would want to go there?' (ok so maybe I've never been there... but, still.)
  41. you are running out of money. and you're mad at the dollar for not going very far, and mad at the pound for being so expensive.
  42. you are just beginning to realise (realize?) what it means to be American.


At Sat Jun 03, 07:00:00 PM GMT-6, Blogger kelly said...

Anna-Just come back to America where you beloung (I know it was a stretch, but the u wouldn't really fit anywhere else).

At Thu Jun 08, 01:49:00 PM GMT-6, Anonymous MOM said...

Just think in 9 days you can post "you know you've been out of the US for a while when..."

We're counting down and can't wait to hear your British accent! (yes you will have one)

Love, MOM


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